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Muggle Elite
*PIMP PIMP* Do I get points for this? 
04|07|07 - 00:02
~Draco - Hey Ya
HEY! You should all go join hogwarts_elite. It's really neat and there's lots of kinky drunken sex, and random people on teh intarwebz think we're like the mean girls in high school but with really awesome outfits.

...If you've never heard of it, you should go check it out.

To bust this lair, just reply with your house name somewhere in your comment - subject line, comment body, icon, WHATEVER.
Also, this hideout is now LIVE, meaning this post is fair game as a launch spot for upcoming Auror Reports. Track it, bbs!

(HAHA, bet a lot of you tried to go to Firebolt with the "up and up" clues, didn't you?)
04|07|07 - 05:48 (UTC)
Hogwarts_Elite? Phew, I joined Hogwarts' Delight! Turned out to be a whorehouse.

*tries an innocent look*
04|07|07 - 05:52 (UTC)
Oh damn, gotta watch out for that! Tricksy business and all...one minute you're filling out a perfectly innocent application, next minute you got Voldie calling you up at all hours being all like "YO, where's my galleons, bitch!"
04|07|07 - 06:30 (UTC)
LMAO!!! XDDD "Er... sorry Voldie, I spent it all on jelly bellies... and Lucy ate them all."

Yeah, and here's me thinking all those people were all really generous. Go figure.

Should've known something was amiss when Greyback asked for "special treatment".
04|07|07 - 15:42 (UTC)
04|07|07 - 21:19 (UTC)
LMAO he's got a green feather! YES!!! Plus the snake on the top of the cane has got this gleeful grin on its face.

Lord Volderpimp can have my beeper number *any* day.
04|20|07 - 01:22 (UTC)
Best icon!
04|07|07 - 13:40 (UTC)
Someone should really pimp the community in Fandom Wank or something.
04|07|07 - 14:40 (UTC)
04|07|07 - 15:40 (UTC)
I can only imagine the results of that. XD
04|07|07 - 21:25 (UTC)
Hahaha I thought that's what happens every time we land ourselves on FW.
02|19|12 - 00:45 (UTC)
02|19|12 - 00:53 (UTC)
+100! I figured this one would either get busted immediately or take people forever. :P

And, of course, THIS LAIR IS NOW LIVE

Late arrivals: The lair itself has been busted, but this post is fair game for future clues to future lairs. In other words - it's trackin' time!
02|19|12 - 06:03 (UTC) - VOLDIE SANDIEGO - AUROR REPORT!

Term 10
Pi in the sky
02|20|12 - 18:44 (UTC) - AUROR REPORT - VOLDIE'S ON THE RUN!

Here's the final round of clues
Now that Voldie's flown the coop
He's drunk and passed out on his ass
From raiding Noah's liquor stash
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